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Seán mc cann

Sean Mccan

Seán, a Bruges-based contemporary artist, designer and sculptor with Irish roots. He graduated as an interior designer from Sint-Lucas Ghent in 2008. Fueled by his interest in grave monuments and passion for art, he has focused on the teachings of artisanal natural stone carving and sculpture. As an artist, he is always looking for innovative interventions and applies them to his sculpture. His work evolved from solid pieces to very fragile works to then flow together with lots of color. Now he is in a phase where color takes a prominent role in his creations. Carrara marble remains his greatest medium and with each new work there is an intimate interaction between the object and its creator. This is due to the search and time he has to travel to determine the new lines of the work. As a form of signature but also as gratitude, he often bestows his works with a thimble that symbolizes a kiss in the stories of "Peter Pan." These are hidden at the back of the work and house the artist's favorite color. Starting from a stone tablet, it is used as a work surface to give the colorful masses a platform. Each stone canvas is unique and tells its origin through its color and drawing. This as a nod to the classical arts that provide a support for the contemporary mass of color that comes on it. The perfect harmony that can bring all interiors together.

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