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Kristine Slough

Kristine S., (1970) is a Belgian artist who obtained her degree in Visual Arts at the Provincial Higher Institute for Art Education PIKOH, Hasselt. Her early passion and interest for art and design have led her to shape her childhood dreams into reality. She has two sides to herself which are reflected in her paintings. On one hand, a more serious-minded side focused on peace, structure, and depth, and on the other hand, she gives a joyful, bold, and colorful touch to her canvases. The artist mainly creates abstract paintings that are built up with the use of different media to create images that are inspired by harmony, freedom, and passion. All collections stand for strength and liveliness which is also deeply valued in all aspects of her life. No single painting is identical since they are built up with feeling and different layers. There are mainly three effects that stand out in her work of art: layering texture and structure.

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