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Ingrid sartiau

Ingrid Sartiau

Today, Ingrid Sartiau, the illegitimate daughter of King Juan Carlos, has found refuge in art as a way to forget her disappointment and sorrow. Her works are cloaked in an enchanting cobalt blue velvet color, which inevitably brings to mind the concept of blue blood. Born in Ghent and graduated as a goldsmith in Antwerp, Ingrid discovered her artistic calling as a form of self-expression. Through her art, she finds a sense of recognition and it affirms her existence. Creating art offers her a precious outlet where she can express her emotions and explore her inner world. The use of cobalt blue in her works gives a depth and vibrancy that reflects her feelings. It is a color reminiscent of nobility, heredity and royalty. By enveloping her artworks in these intense shades of blue, Ingrid connects with her past and her lineage. Ingrid's artistic journey is a personal search for identity and self-acceptance. Using her talent, she is able to transform her pain into beauty and her disappointment into a source of inspiration. Her works invite the viewer to explore the complexity of human emotions and offer a glimpse into her personal journey. Ingrid Sartiau continues to practice her art as a way to express herself and find a sense of meaning and existence. Her works in cobalt blue velvet are a visual reminder of her origins and a powerful expression of her inner world. They invite us to reflect on our own emotions, our own search for identity and the importance of art as a means of expressing and understanding our feelings.

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