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Stéphanie van beneden


After a 10-year career in finance, Stéphanie faced a moment of deep reflection. It was at this crucial moment that Stéphanie decided to follow her heart and turn to ceramics. Clay, with its organic nature and capacity to give infinite form, became the medium through which Stéphanie found a new path. Ceramics became her language for expressing her emotions, her thoughts and her vision of the world. Each piece she creates is imbued with authenticity and depth and reflects her own search for meaning and beauty in this world. The evolution of the sculptures reflects an artistic journey marked by profound personal transformation. Initially, Stéphanie focused primarily on the animal kingdom to express her emotions and ideas. Her first animal sculptures were imbued with delicacy and finesse. They seemed to capture the essence of each creature, from the majesty of a lion to the strength of a gorilla. The organic forms and elaborate textures of his animal sculptures testified to his dedication to exploring nature and life through art. However, a crucial new phase in her artistic journey was the development of a new artistic capsule: "Regards sur le Monde." Here, Stéphanie began to tackle human subjects and revealed her personal vision of the world around her. This transition marks a period when she was able to restore a deeper connection with humanity, having overcome the challenges of her previous life in finance. The sculptures from this new phase are often abstract representations of human figures. They contain elements of movement, expression and symbolism. Each piece is an invitation to reflect, contemplate and question our own place in the world. Her works tell the story of a search for meaning and authenticity through art. They remind us that artistic expression can be a powerful mirror of our own evolution as human beings. Each of Stéphanie's sculptures is a window into her inner journey and the world around her, a testament to art's ability to transcend boundaries and connect us to our common humanity.

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