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Nitra was born on November 27, 1985 in Rwanda, he moved to Belgium when he was 9 years old. Growing up between 2 cultures can connect Nitra fantastically on the one hand his love for the beautiful animals of his native land & the modern architecture of the west. In his abstract works, for example, he connects the beautiful colorful butterflies of Africa with the architectural style of the West. Everything fits together perfectly with techniques of 'living paintings' that change with temperature change... you just have to come up with it. You feel the attraction of the color power, something hypnotic and gives you a blissful feeling. Boring is definitely not in Nitra's book of life. He is an 'omni' self-made man, his restless imagination and energy make Nitra constantly in need of challenges in life. In addition to his artistry, he is also a designer by designing his own clothing line 'Nitra Art Design', everything is possible in life, which is also his life motto. Nitra gets everything out of life, from street artist to independent gallerist and artist in #Knokke. His first exhibition started in his native Rwanda Kigali (2016), 2 years later a following exhibition 'Feria del Caballo Español' followed, shortly afterwards he was allowed to exhibit in the Bruges Belfry, but where he really made a breakthrough as an artist after a exhibition in Monaco at the end of 2018 at the Fairmont hotel. Nitra went on a 'tour' from Lyon, Luxembourg, to the HIM hotel in Montreux (Switzerland), where a surprising collaboration arose with the 'Swiss Education Group' where he was allowed to exhibit his famous Freddie Mercury painting in the world famous 'Freddie Mercury building'. To this day, the work of art can be admired there on site. His works are spread over various parts of the world from Colombia, United States, Australia, Europe... you name it, many well-known (Tom Boonen, Véronique De Cock, ...) and lesser-known faces can claim ownership of his works. In 2020 Nitra started exhibiting in Knokke, in these times he still manages to remain active and as life moves forward and never stands still, Nitra does too. A collaboration with the Champagne brand & owner 'Philippe Rouyer' from Fleury La Rivière opens up another world, collectors of Champagne capsules here and there also come to Knokke, who can get hold of 1 of the capsules of the new 'Editon Knokke' Champagne, a capsule with the logo in relief, already a score of 15!

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